Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The Call"......or not

So, as you all know I am a foster parent, hoping to adopt again and waiting for that scary, yet oh so exciting call about a baby. Well it happened today, we got a call about a 2 day old baby girl.  I was so excited, I immediately of course said YES!!!  So then I start thinking about where I will put the baby and all of the little baby things I will need, and how Miss Priss will deal with a new little bundle in the house. That excitement lasted for about an hour until I found out they picked another family.  I was so heartbroken over this sweet baby girl that I haven't even seen.  I know I just need to put it in Gods hands and that he will bring the right baby for us our way, but sometimes that can be so hard to remember.  Being a foster parent can be such a roller coaster, but can be such a beautiful experience.  This is national foster parent month and I encourage all of you if you have it in your hearts to learn more about it and help a child!

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