Thursday, August 9, 2012

soul searching and house cleaning

  So it has been an interesting last few weeks.  I have had some issues with some people in my family and have decided it is best for me and my children do some house cleaning as far as who we communicate with.  It is sad when your own family stands against you and tries to bring you down.  There is enough of that in the world without your own family being a part of it.  I went into a bit of a depression and started having anxiety attacks during all of this, it was very hard and stressful.  It was good that during all of this we got to get away and go on a much needed vacation to the beach.  I did a bit of soul searching while I was there and tried to get things right in my head and my heart.  My husband and my kids are my main focus right now.  It is sad though that I cannot trust certain people and that really hurts my heart.  But in the end I know that me and my little family will be alright.